Your world is in your hands, you just have to choose to have it!

We all change throughout our lives, we try different and new things, some things we hang on to others we don't, but the essence of who we are stays the same.

I offer a range of different services and support to help you get what you want from your life and therefore change in your business becomes inevitable. My style is all about empowering you to be the very best version of you through a choice of differents vehicles, one or a combination thereof as you wish. I know there is no quick fix to things, but I have discovered how to keep yourself happy, generate a better life and therefore working environment.

Ways to Engage


There are many ways to connect, so feel free to choose whichever one suits you best. You can find me FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest or LinkedIn. Or simply choose to give me a call!

Special Projects

I have a project management background, with expertise in co-ordinating multi-partner projects. I've spent plenty of years helping many businesses in a mutitude of ways.

Meet Me

More than happy to meet up, grab a coffee or some lunch somewhere and discuss how my way of life or working can help you. I'm full of good ideas and you never know where the conversation may lead!


From organising your event, to running my own you're welcome to get in touch to find out more.

Work With Me

Whether you choose to work with me on your business, in my business, join my community, or would like me to be part of your business, let's have a conversation.

Join Me

Be part of my community, join my social media or join my business, whichever way I can help you get to where you want to go. I look forward to working with you.


Nikie is the sort of person that you need in a team. Relentlessly positive and a real catalyst to getting the job done. She is not daunted by the bureaucracy of the European Commission or that one person in the team who wants to go off and do it their way. She has a skill in getting people to work together and getting the job done. I've worked with Nikie on many occasions and the outcomes have always been good.

I've worked with Nikie over many years

and on many occassions.

She always delivers more than you expect and goes that extra mile to make sure everything is just so!

She has a great heart and her attitude to everything is one I admire. She gives a lot to make sure whatever she does is well over the 100% mark to make sure you are really happy with the work she does for you.