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It's contagious and makes people wonder what you've been up to! And it's free. Such a simple way to change your mood and that of others


Before you can receive love, you need to love yourself. Choose love on all levels


Give yourself a gift. Take some time for you

Change your thoughts, change your life. Take the 30 day challenge

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Just...Ltd Publishing is an independent publishing company specialising in the publishing of Print on Demand, Self and Personal Development books, journals and e-books. It also prints all the materials used for events and courses and workshops run by My Awesome Lfe.


A beautiful way to improve your mood and your mindset. Gratitude is one of the most powerful ways to bring that feel-good factor and ultimately more abundance into your life. This journal contains beautiful background photography set within a guided, elegant 30-day blueprint to help you explore all areas in your life that you can be grateful for, as well as pages to let your thoughts flow.

"Become an unstoppable force in your own life by creating

freedom from negative thoughts you never knew you had"

What to expect inside

Start creating a life that you can really feel good about. When you realise that gratitude can actually change the neuropeptides that are produced by your brain and how this works in conjunction with your mindset to make you feel better it’s a real game changer. It’s one of the most underrated self-help methods available!

    SIMPLE DAILY GRATITUDE JOURNALING - With this 30-day blueprint gratitude and daily journal you can start the process of creating a new positive outlook on life. Life will become what you focus on and creating ‘gratitude as an attitude’ will develop a happier mindset and a different way of seeing things. Create a life free from negativities and tap into the power of positive flow.


    UNDATED DAILY JOURNALING – Focus on progress and see the good things that happen every day. There are daily sections to write about the things, people and circumstances that you are most grateful for. In addition, the daily writing journal contains space for your personal record of significant thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, problems, affirmations and self-assurances. You can also include sketches, lists or bullet points if you wish.


    EXAMPLES OF GRATITUDE WRITING AND JOURNALING - this 30-day blueprint for gratitude and daily journaling contains questions that allow you to really explore the things that you can be grateful for. As you write you rewire your brain and subconsciously focus on the positive things in your life that can create lasting change. Guidance and examples are given to help you get started.

    PLENTY OF JOURNALING SPACE - The mindful happiness scale at the start of each day helps you associate with a better mood, combined with the gratitude sections and blank journaling pages are a great way to start your day.


    INTERSPURSED WITH THOUGHT PROVOKING QUOTES – Dotted throughout with inspirational quotes that will help you relate, motivate and encourage you.


    WEEKLY REVIEW SECTIONS - Congratulate yourself on what you've achieved for the week while challenging yourself more by setting new goals for the coming week. With this self-reflection section you can look at the bigger picture and see how you can move further forward.


    Nikie's journal is amazing and I have promised myself I will do it consistently for 30 days... really enjoying it and recomend to all

    Sarah V